Pregnant! How This (4th) Time is Different

Hospital births, home birth; epidurals, no meds; doctors, midwives -I’ve done the combinations with my three children.  This time?  It’s different.

This time: I’m whole foods plant based.

All natural, baby!  (Literally.  All-natural baby.)  And I couldn’t be more THRILLED about it!

I’m one of those women who actually *loves* being pregnant.  I’m so grateful to have had three uneventful, perfectly healthy pregnancies.  At 35 -when the doctors start scaring you about the rise in all sorts of issues with fetal development and pregnancy complications- I admit, I was a bit nervous.  But after testimony after testimony of women 35+ giving perfectly healthy, natural births in Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I am trusting my body -and being super pro-active in the way I care for myself and the precious person inside me.

I’m currently reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Disease Proof Your Child and it’s incredible insightful, whether you’re planning on getting pregnant (how to start with a healthy body and the best materials for baby building,) already baking a bun in the oven or have people at home you want to give the best future possible.

It’s the beginning of a 10 month journey.  Here’s to the healthiest body I’ve ever had and a beautiful pregnancy!

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