Confessions: First Trimester -where’s the cheese?

Oh my Darling Dears…

When you know something in your brain, but your body is telling you something completely opposite.  That’s where I’m at right now.

Queasiness has hit.  Thankfully I’m not up-chucking, but for the majority of the day (and night) I just don’t feel peachy keen.  It’s that feeling I used to satiate with noodles in my previous pregnancies.  Noodles and cheese.  CHEESY NOODLES. Before I went whole foods plant based.

I watched a YouTube video about a mama who had been raw vegan for years that ended up only being able to eat toast with avocado her whole first trimester.  A raw vegan going back to baked bread -I feel for her.  I can certainly see something similar happening for me.  (Not that I’m raw vegan.)  Today I was reminded that there’s a *reason* I mainly ate cheesy noodles for the first three months of all my previous pregnancies.  You just don’t crave veggies.  At least I (oh, woe is me) am not.

I made this green smoothie for lunch to make sure I got something nutrient dense into my body, but -shoot- I certainly wasn’t feeling it.  (Dang it all, I’m still dreaming about cheesy durn-tootin’ noodles…)  For lunch?  I had mixed rice with salsa and avocado.  Dinner?  As much as I wanted to run to the store just to buy rice noodles, I (again) had rice with a homemade Thai peanut sauce, peas and edamame.

I just want the dang noodles…  The battle is real.  (And for some crazy reason I like either super mild foods -cheesy noodles- or crazy spicy -salsa and hot peanut sauce.  This. Is. A TREND for me.)

On top of that, yesterday I just posted about how to reduce stress for healthy fetal development and today?  Hot dang, I got my panties all in a twist over a business thing and I haven’t been that mad in ages.  (Deep breaths, deep calming breaths, Kelly.)

So:  All this advice, this wonderful research I’ve found and am trying to live by?  I’m trying to live by.  

For Pete’s sake, out of the blue I started fantasizing about eating fried chicken.  FRIED CHICKEN.  (I haven’t craved meat yet since being plant based, so “HELLO, pregnancy, you weird thing.”)

And I love that my hubby said tonight, “I wish vanilla ice cream was made with plants.”

(We make “nice-cream” -frozen bananas with a touch of soy milk blended to a fabulously smooth consistency, which I HIGHLY recommend. And it’s awesome to add other ingredients for all sorts of variations. But our brains still have a connection to the old food we’d eaten the past 35 years.)

I’m trying to be kind to myself and, hey, navigating a plant-based diet during the first trimester is not as easy as I thought.  So if you’re in the same boat, I feel ya.  If you are sailing through it, livin’ and lovin’ being plant based during your queasy time -SEND ME YOUR TIPS, you lucky duck.

So bless you, Mamas.  Bless you for doing your darnedest to keep a healthy body for yourself and your beautiful baby.

And remember, be kind to yourself.  Trying totally counts.  xoxo

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