You Are Allowed To Play

I used to hate mornings.  And I grew up told never to hate anything.  But I did.  I hated mornings. They were cold and dark.  I was ripped from sleep by either a far-too joyful mother singing worship songs or an annoying alarm buzzer as I got older.  Rushed through a morning checklist, I hustled … Continue reading You Are Allowed To Play

Recipe: Green Cocoa Mama Shake

Heavens above, I can't stop sipping! And when it's a green smoothie, that ain't a bad thang. Listen, when the first trimester morning sickness derailed my eating -talk about processed carb craving...- it was (is) hard to get back on the healthy wagon.  Spinach or noodles?  Hm... noodles, thankyouverymuch. Today I had an idea that … Continue reading Recipe: Green Cocoa Mama Shake

10 Weeks+A Heartbeat // OB/GYN vs Midwives

My last pregnancy I could hardly wait to schedule my first appointment with my midwives at the Central Texas Birth Center.  Having a natural, un-hospitalized birth was totally new and I was intrigued -no, I was giddy- to begin this adventure. About four weeks ago I serendipitously bumped into my midwife, Salli, at the grocery store. … Continue reading 10 Weeks+A Heartbeat // OB/GYN vs Midwives