Video: 9 Weeks Pregnant and Plant Based

9 weeks pregnant now, but between 7-8 weeks the cravings were getting ridiculous.  Like, seriously ridiculous.

And I realized I was in an emotional eating sinkhole.

Our brains are so very clever.  Often too clever for our own good.  They give us cues to eat when we’re emotionally overloaded to ease the burden, but it never allows us to address the issue:  the cause of the overload.

I firmly believe our 80% of our cravings are tied to mental associations with foods that have provided us comfort, not with what nutrients our bodies need.  True, when it comes to morning sickness, craving bland foods makes sense since our digestive systems are extra sensitive.  But I know that when I am deep in a craving whirlpool, it’s often for things that will 1) make me feel comforted and 2) that I will always regret having eaten after the initial “comfort” (aka numbing) has worn off.

Our emotions override our brain’s logic.  No matter the strength of an argument, if your emotions are counter to it, you know who’s gonna win.  The feelings.

I love what Marisa Peer says in this life-changing clip.  Really, I highly suggest taking the time to watch this.  A tidbit of her advice I want to share is about changing the message to your brain.  It’s awesome for countering food cravings.  And it’s gentle to your heart.

Tell your brain what you want.  Don’t let it bully you around.

Change the mental messages.

“I’m choosing to do this, and I’m choosing to feel good about it!”

Whether that’s about a choice between eating a steak or choosing a salad, talking yourself down from an emotional ledge, or staying committed to physical exercise, when you change the picture in your head and your change your internal message to positive, health benefiting ones, you can do anything.  So, as Marisa says, TELL YOUR BRAIN WHAT YOU WANT.  Okay, now go watch that clip.  It’s awesome.





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