A Very Berry Tea Party

160518 Family md 22I love tea and all its paraphernalia.  It’s pretty, it’s dainty, it’s fancy and when you’re drinking from a teacup ya just feel like there’s something special happening.

Waverley, well.  She doesn’t drink tea.  But, she does love a good party.  The baby had just gone down for a nap and we had a bit of time before my 15 week midwife check up, so I pulled out some pretty-pretties and we created a sweet little tea party.

160518 Family md 29

Waverley was my fairy godmother.  She gave me a gorgeous dress, jewelry and crown with the wave of her wand.  I love witnessing her imagination and being part of her world.

160518 Family md 24

160518 Family md 27

160518 Family md 26

She’s finally old enough that I don’t freak out about my china breaking when we play with it.  And honestly, it does no good just sitting in the cupboard.  If it gets broken, it’s because it’s being loved.  And china is replaceable.

Time isn’t.



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