Best Smoothie Mug Ever | Bubba 32 oz Envy Mug

For years I’ve been using an extremely boring, oversized black plastic cup and reused McDonalds straws for my smoothies.

Yeah.  I’m glamorous.

One morning I realized, “I’d probably make more smoothies if I had a better cup.”

160603 Family edits 11
Yes, this is me.  (Okay, it’s Tennyson.  He STEALS MY MUG all the time now.  But I can’t begrudge him that -smoothies do his body good.)

The black plastic one was always just a wee bit too small, so I’d have to spend 20 minutes in the kitchen sipping it down to be able to fit all of my smoothie in there and take back to my home office to work.  And, man, that cup was ugly.

While shopping at our local grocery store last week I spied a bin FULL of Bubba brand insulated cups.


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“It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s MINE!” (insert maniacal  laugh.)

A mondo 32 oz. “Envy” mug (which Tennyson clearly bought into the marketing of since he is obsessed with it now) and a 24 oz. cup for my ice water.  My ice water is rather legendary in our house.  I’m surprised the wet rings and leaks various water bottles and cups I’ve used haven’t yet short circuited any of our electronics.  I’ve certainly drenched plenty of paperwork.

Both cups are easy to wash with no hard-to-reach crevices for smoothie bits to hide in and the straws are flexible and durable, easy to rinse through.  I recommend washing out your smoothie mug as soon as you’re finished for the easiest wash and to avoid caking.

Here’s a tip.  Both mugs cost under $4 each at our local HEB grocery store.  I see here online Bubba sells their Envy mug for nearly $12.  Check Walmart and/or your local stores for great deals this summer on insulated mugs and get ready for a much happier, prettier sipping experience!

And watch out -your family members may start stealing them.

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