Recipe: Blueberry Banana Bomb Green Smoothie

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Plant Based Recipes: Blueberry Banana Bomb Green Smoothie

Making mornings delicious and nutritious, one plant based smoothie at a time.

So this fella is pretty fantastic.

You’ve got your berries, your banana base, some ground flaxseed for a wholesome one-two punch…

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Plants are purdy!

I have a hard time eating salads every day.  (Okay, I’m gonna be honest.  I last ate a salad maaaaybe three weeks ago.  I ain’t feelin’ ’em.)  But I want/need my greens.  For me the best way to get my day started on track is a spinach and banana based smoothie.

If I don’t start eating fresh in the morning, I’ll most likely have calorie-dense instead of nutrient-dense day.

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Sexy smoothie-in-the-making shot.

There’s something about a blueberry-banana blend with spinach that I like far better than any other berry.  Maybe it’s the color.

One of the things I love about smoothies is how you can add in foods like ground flaxseed and not even notice them while reaping the health benefits.  As a pregnant person, it’s very important to me to have nutrient-dense meals (even though I often want less healthful options.)  Spinach and ground flaxseed are two things I’d rather not eat on their own, but mix them up with fabulous fruit and *BAM* you’ve got a winning combo.

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Recipe: Blueberry Banana Bomb Green Smootie

2 handfuls fresh spinach

2 frozen bananas

A healthy pour in of frozen blueberries (Eyeballer Kelly -that’s me- says it’s probably 3/4 cup, but you do what you like.)

2-3 pitted dates (if you like your smoothie with a bit of chewy chunks use dates out of the box/bag.  If you want it smoother, use dates that have soaked in water overnight.)

2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

A couple shakes of powdered ginger or some slices of fresh ginger root (to taste)

Soy, nut or rice milk -as much as you like for the consistency you’re going for.


Add them in this order into your blender.  Mixa mixa mixa.  Pour into your favorite smoothie cup and get yo’ green on!

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When you’re pregnant, you are providing all of the nutritional building blocks for this new human being.  Though it’s tough sometimes, choose foods that are healthful instead of empty or harmful.  You wouldn’t build a quality house with stuff rummaged from the garbage heap.  Don’t build your baby from trashy food, either.  I encourage you to take care of your body and build a healthy baby.  You can do it, Mama!




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