Confessions: My Ugly Little Secret

  My mother arrived the day before Mother's Day for a visit.  Mother's Day christened the start of my week-long fast from social media.  Though we were doing many Instagram and Facebook-worthy postable activities, traveling all around the state and doing exciting things, I refrained from sharing. Yeah, at first it was tough leaving my … Continue reading Confessions: My Ugly Little Secret

Best Smoothie Mug Ever | Bubba 32 oz Envy Mug

For years I've been using an extremely boring, oversized black plastic cup and reused McDonalds straws for my smoothies. Yeah.  I'm glamorous. One morning I realized, "I'd probably make more smoothies if I had a better cup." The black plastic one was always just a wee bit too small, so I'd have to spend 20 minutes in … Continue reading Best Smoothie Mug Ever | Bubba 32 oz Envy Mug