Organic Cotton Candy Green Grapes. It’s a real thing.

160613 blog A 9“Mama!  Papa got us COTTON CANDY GRAPES!!” Waverley exclaimed as she ran into the house.


“COTTON CANDY GRAPES!  They really takes like cotton candy!!”


160613 blog A 10

Apparently that’s something Divine Flavor has done.  How?  Heavens knows.

But do they taste like cotton candy?

You bet your PANTS they do!160613 blog A 11So, if you’re looking for a sweet treat and you’re wanting to keep it “on the vine” -and you don’t mind ignoring the absolutely strange fact that you’re eating grapes that truly taste just like cotton candy- grab a bag.  They are pretty darn awesome.

Once you start poppin’ -you can’t stop!


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