Confessions: A Quick Lesson From Popcorn

160731 July family edits 22
pop.corn.   (Now ya know.)

Three o’clock rolled around and it was time for an afternoon popcorn party.  I pulled out the air-popper, dropped in 1/2 c of kernels and began heating a few tablespoons of coconut oil for topping.  And then it happened.

The motor went down a notch, making a low buzzing sound.  Then it stopped.

And then it started smoking -a royal disaster in the making.

“Open the door, open the door, open the door!” I yelled to Waverley as I tried not to run anyone over, the smoking air popper in my hands. 

We tried airing out the house, but, hours later, it still stinks of burnt popcorn and fried motor.

I’m not easily deterred.  Particularly when I want something, like popcorn.

“Alright, who’s coming to the store?  We’re buying a new air popper.”

The whole gang loaded up and we drove off.

Browsing the appliance aisle I was shocked.  No Presto Poplite.  None at all!  Sure, there was a cheap knock-off “retro” replica that looked like it held 2 tablespoons.  I put it in the cart but didn’t feel good about it.  Brian soon convinced me not to get it, so back on the shelf it went.

No popcorn.  (Yeah, yeah. It wasn’t until we were home that I thought “Why didn’t I buy microwave popcorn?” It’s been too long and I had my heart set on a Presto Poplite, my Old Reliable.)

160731 July family edits 23
I crave you so.

I stood in the kitchen staring at nothing.



Wait a minute?  You can pan pop it, right?

I’d never done it before and -knowing me- I have a high likelihood of burning stuff, so I was hesitant.  But that’s what Google’s for.

Googling “Pan popped popcorn.”

Ah-ha.  A recipe. 

Shoooooot, that’s a lot of oil.  But:  POPCORN and NOOOOOW.

I read the directions.  Amazingly enough I actually followed them.

Pouring it into a bowl I served it up to the kids and we began snacking.  You know what?!  This tastes just like theater popcorn?!  Yeah, true, it’s loaded with oil, but what a tasty treat and LOOK WHAT I DID!

160731 July family edits 21

Sometimes things have to break to get us to innovate and find a better way. I’m still ordering my Presto Poplite, folks, and prefer my usual popcorn treat less oily, buuuut…we’re talking LIFE LESSONS here.

I’ve been feeling that way lately, like a large aspect in my life is broken and I need to innovate, but it’s scary, isn’t it?  “I’ve never done this before.  I don’t know if it will work.  What if I fail (or in the case of popcorn, burn it all)?” 

But if you want it enough, you figure it out and often times what’s broken is the catalyst for change that you need, despite how uncomfortable it is.

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