Plant-based Pregnancy: 29 weeks pregnant, 3rd trimester

Kelly 29 weeks md 8

I’m not gonna lie.  One of the perks of being a photographer is that you can do a lot with whatcha got.

Tripod.  Good camera+lenses. Wireless trigger.  A studio.

The works.

During my previous 3 pregnancies a lot more bumpies were taken.  Yes, hashtag bumpies.  (It’s a yuppy sounding term, but it’s the best shortcut I know.)  But I usually had my husband grab them with my phone once a week.  Nothing fancy, just documentation to share with family and friends -and for myself.

Kelly 29 weeks md 3

This is my second self-portrait pregnancy session.

Though the frequency of bump-in-progress photos is fewer, I really do love how these have turned out and am looking forward to another shoot next month. (Insert beaming heart emoji.)

Kelly 29 weeks md 10
“This is your baby bump on plants.”

Kelly 29 weeks md 2

Can talk a little about this get up?

I found it at my *favorite* thrift store.  It was an immediate gut purchase, “Oh, I gotta use this in some sort of shoot.  I bet it’d make a killer boudoir session with a model.”

Yeah, it’s a bit retro.  (Nothing bad about that.) But it had an elegance to it that I simply fell in love with.

Today as I was looking around for an outfit to wear I thought, “why the heck not?”  Honestly I didn’t think it’d fit.  Low and behold…  happiness.Kelly 29 weeks md 1-2Kelly 29 weeks md 4Kelly 29 weeks md 1Kelly 29 weeks md 7Kelly 29 weeks md 9Kelly 29 weeks md 12

I do love maternity sessions.  It’s rather odd doing my own, but I celebrate it!  And, boy howdy, am I thankful for such an easy-breezy pregnancy.  10 1/2 weeks to go?  Holy moly… the time is finally flying by.

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