Beautiful Plant Based Pregnancy | 34 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Portraits


At first I thought, “Oh, these might be a little revealing to put out there.”

Yeah.  I can see that.


I absolutely love the way my body looks and feels during pregnancy.  I celebrate my body and the miracle that it’s creating inside.  It is PHENOMENAL, the making of life.  So I unreservedly share what I feel is, personally, the most beautiful period of my history.  34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-134-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-16

34 weeks is the time I recommend doing maternity sessions with my clients.  Once you pass 35 weeks, everything just gets extra large and uncomfortable.  But 34 weeks?  Your belly’s round enough to look significantly pregnant but the rest of you can still look a bit more proportionate.

A fabulous photographer friend of mine did a maternity session for me with Tennyson, our 3rd baby, and the week after our session -when I hit 35 weeks- I blewed up.  True story.

So if you’re planning a maternity session, now ya know.34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-934-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-8

Looking back at my early weeks of pregnancy and all the conviction and good intentions I had about eating whole food plant based and exercising every day, etc. -I haven’t been perfect.  I ate more processed food and some dairy products and more sugar than I would have wished. I went through periods where I just didn’t want to move my body and get outdoors.  And not being 100%, especially when you put yourself out there and say “This is what I’m doing!”, fells yucky.  BUT.  Extending myself grace and then realigning myself with my beliefs and values, that’s where I find success.  And you learn from falling, or at least that’s what you’re supposed to do.  And learning is success.  Period.34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-14

I know this:  when I eat whole food plant based, my body feels amazing.  When I go off the game plan, my body feels lethargic and crappy.

It’s not psychosomatic.  It’s science.  (Said overly dramatically with a great, big dash of goofiness.)34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-634-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-2

Oh, and let’s talk about something you’re told NOT to do during pregnancy:

Drastically cut your hair.

I understand that with hormones a-ragin’ it’s usually not the best time to make any major life changes (besides, oh, ya know, HAVING A BABY.)  But 2 out of 4 pregnancies I have done a major chop-chop and have never, ever regretted it.

If you feel the inextinguishable desire to cut your hair while you’re pregnant, DO IT.  Hair grows.  Also, post-pregnancy you’ll be losing a lot of that fullness as your hair follicles release what you would have normally lost during those 9 months, so you’re going to experience an army of baby hairs regrowing -after your drain is clogged over and over again with your shedding mane.  So short ain’t such a bad idea! 34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-15

I have never had a six pack.  I most likely never will, despite my efforts and intention.  But this belly?  I glory in.  I don’t know if I’ll ever experience this blossoming fullness of life again -this will probably be our last baby- and I don’t want to waste a day enjoying how it feels.  The kicks, the turns, the stretches and growth.  The sacred cradling of life. 34-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-1234-weeks-pregnant-self-portrait-photographer-kelly-cameron-md-10I celebrate my pregnancy and the wonders of our bodies.  And I know I am so very blessed to be able to carry this miracle…


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