The Birthday Experience | Port Aransas For The Family | 36 weeks pregnant


I felt like a totally sucky mom.

For both of Tennyson’s birthdays I have had to work.  Sure, a 1 and 2 year old won’t know you’re working on their birthday -they don’t even know what birthdays are– but as a mother, you do.  And it feels negligent and rude and kinda gross missing your kid’s birthday.

But we didn’t miss it.  We celebrated late.

And we certainly celebrated.


The house is filled with toys.  9 years of collecting things for little people of both genders -we have toys coming out our ears.  And since we’ve been plant-based, the idea of a cake+ice cream+pizza party is less than appealing. So not wanting to do crap food and not wanting to celebrate with more toys that nobody needs  (the cardboard box, kitchen pots and sticks still hold the most magic at this age) we opted for an experience instead.


Before baby #4 arrives and the weather turned chilly we wanted to hit up the beach one last time.  Brian suggested Port Aransas, which we’d never been to, and that certainly appealed to our sense of adventure.  So the plan was to play it all by ear, heading to Port “A” and staying one or two nights with beach and pool time.

Mr. Independent


While we packed up, I grabbed my camera and decided to make a go of documenting our adventure.  Beaches+toddlers+cameras usually don’t mix -the latter two often has a “fail” in the process, but I knew I’d regret it if I left my camera home.  So I brought a back up with a stock lens and threw caution to the wind…

Wilder’s perch.


The little peoples.


We arrived in Port “A” and checked in to a hotel a few blocks from the beach -easy walking distance.  I won’t go into the details of the hotel stay except to say that the Holiday Inn + Suites is THE BOMB.  Everything was excellent, particularly the staff, with great amenities, fabulous location and we highly recommend the King Suite if you have kids big enough to sleep in their own quarters.  We normally do the cheapest option available, but this was a well-spent splurge.


36 weeks.


These photos Brian took of Tennyson and me (and the kids waaaaaay out in the surf) are my treasure!  Oh, I cannot express how special these are.  Mamas, you know you’re rarely in decent photos with your kids, so when you do get some pictures together (especially those sweet, candid moments) it’s THE BEST!


When my bigs ran up for a break from the waves I had to seize the rare occasion to grab some photos of them.  The past year or two, our beach photos of them consist of tiny heads bobbing in the water, they love riding the current so much.


The hot new legging craze starts here.


If I ruined my camera (but still had the memory card in tact) it would all be worth these black and whites of my babies.  Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones, but I fall to pieces looking at these faces.


The highlight of the trip: Brian stayed at the hotel with Tennyson (in hopes of a nap, which -thankfully- happened) while I took Wilder and Waverley to the beach.  We spent most of the time in the water, but towards the end we built sand creations.  As we sat, hands covered in sand, we talked about life.  And in those talks we had some of the sweetest connecting time we may have ever had.  They both expressed how special it was to have time with just Mama and that I was playing with them.  The sentiment both made my heart swell and feel crushed at the same time.  I know I’ve stated this before, but the pull of being the provider and being a good mother is a constant tension, a balancing act that I’ve had my share of failures at.  Instead of being down on myself for the times I’ve missed the mark, I choose to take this lesson as a benchmark I’d like to hit on a regular basis.  And I am so thankful for each of these beautiful, crazy souls that are my children and the time we get to have living life together.

On that note, I hear people needing me -so I’m off to mother 🙂


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