Addicting Apples | Fall + Winter Recipes | Plant Based / Vegan Cooking with Instant Pot


Let’s talk about addiction, shall we?  As in, “I’m ADDICTED TO THESE DANG APPLES!”

It’s autumn.  The apples are on fleek.  (Let it be noted this is the first and ONLY time I have or will ever use that word.  Amen.)  Especially my faves: Fujis.

I asked Brian to pick up a bunch so I could do some cooking with them and he returned with apples the size of DDs.  Maybe bigger.  (I wouldn’t know. He might, but I’ll avoid the question.)  I mean, these are MONSTER apples.  I don’t even know how you attempt to take a bite.  But I didn’t have to figure that out, I chopped mine instead.


Mi madre gifted us our first Instant Pot.  And guess what?  INSTANT HIT!  I had heard about this marvelous contraption, but never seen it in person.  Rather a mystical machine, I’d heard tales of beans and sweet potatoes cooked at lightening speed, all while maintaining their nutritional integrity (or at least more so than being boiled or roasted to oblivion.)

I’ve cooked beans, sweet potatoes, rice, steamed an assortment of veggies and now…I forayed into apples.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Zee recipe awaits!


This is embarrassingly simple.  Here ya go:

Though I used the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) you can make this on your stove top in a pot.  Just add a touch more water (monitor while simmering to see if you need to add more so it doesn’t burn the bottom.  Nobody likes a burned bottom.)

Your favorite apples, cored and coarsely chopped (I like Fuji best.  Crisp, never grainy, and always sweet.)

Ground Cinnamon, clove and ginger  With these spice buddies, I’d do 1/2 as much clove and ginger as you put in cinnamon.  Cinnamon is your dominant flavor, so keep that the majority.  It’s easy to over do both clove and ginger -and if you do, it’s not fun.

Stir the apples and spices up to coat them as you would if you were making an apple pie.  And, trust me. THIS will taste just like an apple pie when you’re done.

Raisins -grab a few handfuls (however much you like.)  I prefer 2 handfuls of raisins with my 4 MONDO sized coarsely chopped apples.

Now, add 1/2 c water.  If cooking in a stove top pot -cover and simmer on med/med-low for about 30 min, checking to make sure if more water is needed.)

For the Instant Pot, I’ve been using the “Steam” setting but keeping the value closed and cooking for 6 min.  I let it naturally cool down, so it actually cooks longer.


Now spoon it into a bowl, top with your favorite nut or granola or both (because you can be crazy like that) and enjoy it.  It’s also amazing with your preferred version of vanilla ice/nice-cream.  And on top of pancakes.  And just about anywhere else.

When I made my first batch I had to remind myself as I went back for 2nds and 3rds (and, yes, 4ths) that it was okay.  It’s just apples, after all.  But they taste so sinnnnfully delicious, it’s criminal!


As I was taking “food shots” these two peewees came in.  It’s Wilder’s 9th Birthday today.  We’ve been up since  -well, let’s just say parents shouldn’t be awake this early unless it’s Christmas morning and toys still need to be put together. Or wrapped.  Or both.


This is Wilder’s “Birthday Face.”


And, apparently, this is Waverley’s.


Note on my Pregnancy Journey:

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today and the baby was super active last night -and still is.  Lots of contractions, baby’s moving around a ton, sitting super low.  I could stay this way for another 2+ weeks, oooooor baby could be sharing a birthday with Wilder.  It’s exciting, uncomfortable, and exciting.  Did I mention it’s exciting?

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