Video: Plant Based Postpartum Recovery at 2 Weeks

I won’t repeat the video verbiage here, but I did want to drive home a few things.

First, I want to share encourage to every woman about how it’s not only possible to have a beautiful and empowered birthing experience, but their right.  It makes me angry how uneducated and miseducated I was about what birth is and how it should be.

For Truly’s birth, I wanted to reach an even greater level of empowerment and achieved that, which I believe helped me have a faster and easier birth.  It was utterly beautiful and the lessons I take away about how our bodies respond to our mental messages has been life changing.

Every woman has their own story and a unique body.  We have the ability to choose how we respond to any situation, whether that’s the intense feelings of labor or seemingly trivial daily trials.  Our personal sovereignty over our bodies and emotions and lives is incontestable -and it is my heart’s desire that each woman realizes her power.  And that it is a beautiful thing.

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