Plant Based Recipe: We Creamed Beans of Orient Aren’t -Holiday Green Bean Casserole


It’s a holiday favorite, the creamy green bean casserole.  But how do you make it whole food plant based?  Here’s how with a win-them-over recipe that will replace your cream of mushroom soup cans forever.

Green Bean Casserole

Your favorite green beans, cooked or steamed

christmasness-plant-based-kelly-104Whether you do canned, frozen or fresh, grab as many of your favorite green beans as you’d like, warm them up and place in a serving dish.  Note: to keep your beans from becoming soggy, strain well after cooking.


Sweet Onion (or onion of choice,) sliced in rings and halved so you have ribbons.

Dry pan sauté your onion on high/medium high until browned and caramelized.

christmasness-plant-based-kelly-107Dry roasted almonds, chopped

Add the chopped almonds and cashew sauce (recipe below.) Mixa mixa mixa.  Tada!

christmasness-plant-based-kelly-105*Mushroom Option:  You can sauté up some sliced mushrooms with your onion if you like the added depth their taste provides.

christmasness-plant-based-kelly-109Recipe: Savory Cashew Sauce

There are two ways you can prepare your cashews.  Soak them overnight in water or veggie stock/broth or this quick way.  I like the latter since I tend not to plan my meals in advance.

And remember, I’m an eyeballer.  Cooking is an art form, so here are the guidelines, you be the expert in your kitchen.


Whole, raw cashews  Note: if you use a small amount of nuts, it’s hard to get a proper paste, so I recommend making a medium size batch and using it throughout the week.

Water or Veggie Stock/Broth

In a pot, cover cashews with water or veggie stock/broth and simmer on low until the nuts are soft.  Remove from heat.

Place soaked (either the overnight or just simmered) cashews in a blender/Vitamix and add a bit more liquid.  Blend until smoothly pureed -this may take several minutes.  The more liquid you add, the thinner the sauce, so you add according to your taste.

Pour into a pot and place on low heat on the stove.

Lemon juice  Add to taste. I love the touch of tang it provides, like a hollandaise sauce.

Garlic (powder or fresh) to taste

Salt and ground black pepper to taste



For your final dish, you can sprinkle with nutritional yeast (those golden flakes you see pictured in the above dish) and add some flare with a little parsley frond.  Voila!  You so faaaancy!

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