Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby

With the Texas weather warming up (yes, it’s December…) I’m finally feeling the appetite for salads.  I love that Strawberries are back on the shelves!

Nothing compares to Cheetos and Oreos, washed down with a fizzy Coke, am I right?
Why are those “foods” so irresistible?
Flippin’ science, man.

Manufactured in laboratories (yes, yes they are) to create the perfect blend of ridiculously sweet, salty and fatty to be slightly under revolting -push the percentages up just a nudge and those “foods” would make you want to hurl.  But instead, they are calorie-dense packets of science that don’t remotely resemble food in it’s natural state.  Science, man. It’s amazing.  But it’s hurting us -and that’s why you’re here.  Because you know -or highly suspect- that it’s true.

 Hard Fact:  Retraining Your Tastebuds

Thanks to years of eating highly processed “foods” packed with excessive amounts of refined sugar, salt, oil and chemicals galore, we are used to food tasting addictively sweet and salty.  When we cut those things out of our daily consumption, we’re going to notice a difference.

At first the difference will be a “lack” of flavor.  Since we’ve desensitized our tastebuds by bombarding them with hyper palatable “foods,” REAL food tastes bland.  It just does.  And it’s a hump we CAN get over.

I used to think the only way to eat oatmeal was with at least 2 tablespoons of brown sugar heaped on.  Take that away and you’d get the gruel Oliver Twist ate at the orphanage.  After choosing to cut refined sugar out of my diet, I let raisins and cinnamon alone flavor my hot cereal and, guess what?  Satisfying and delightful.  True, it took me a little bit to get over “What?!  This is as sweet as it gets?”  But now I love it.  I really do.  And I love how I’m treating my body and health.

My shopping cart these days, 3/4 of the way done.  Produce, Baby!

Once you start eating real food, you will be surprised how in a short amount of time you’ll really begin to taste the natural flavors.  You’ll load your fork with steamed zucchini and think, “Oh my Lord, I had no idea zucchini tasted so rich!”  (Spoiler alert: it does.  So do cucumbers.  And peas.  And the list goes on.)

But you have to make a choice. If you keep dallying with processed foods you’ll never give your tastebuds a chance to reprogram and provide you with the true delights of the natural flavors our foods were brilliantly created with.  Talk about divine nature!  What a gift of variety, what a celebration of color, how vast the assortment of flavors we have all right at our fingertips -all right in our produce department!

Your whole food plant based lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland or boring.  Nope.
Read on for a line up of my favorite sauces and condiments to kick your meals up a notch, my friends.

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