Plant Based Recipe: Simply Delicious Veggie Chili

This makes me hungry just looking at it…

Behold, the all-favorite, power-packed veggie chili!  It’s simple, it’s delicious, it’s simple.  Did I mention it’s simple?  BAM!

So, let’s dive in.

veggie-chili-recipe-plant-based-kelly-1First you’re going to DRY pan sauté (no oil) your chopped onions and frozen (or fresh) sweet corn.  I like using medium high heat and browning these suckers to bring out the caramelized flavor.


Get yer bean ready!  I love using dry organic pinto beans.  Soak them overnight, rinse, cook them for 16 min. in my Instant Pot and voila -they’re ready for chili makin’.  A good tip I learned, keep salt and acidic foods like tomatoes out of your beans while they cook.  They will make your beans tough.

Okay, so now your beans are ready.  What next?


Add a little a ‘dis, a little a ‘dat…

Cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, a big can of petite diced tomatoes AND…. the secret ingredient:  Cinnamon.  Yep, a few dashes of cinnamon and folks be asking you, “Goodness me-oh-my!  What IS that lovely essence of heaven in your to-die-for chili?  I just have to know!”  And you can tell them: Cinnamon.

Seasonings Greetings!
Mixa, mixa, mixa -simmering on medium heat.
Ready to add -just browned enough for my liking.
Mixa mixa mixa…
“You can make me fancier if you want, but I’m good like this.”

The chili speaks.  Simple, right?  SIMPLE.  I’m all about that.


I love adding rice on the side and some chopped avocado.  Other ideas?  Fresh tomato, snipped cilantro, a dash of lime juice, cook in some sweet red pepper, add in other beans like kidney and black beans…

Put your signature on it.  Own that veggie chili!

Now…off to make some for dinner -because these pictures make me hungry…

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