Changing the Message, Changing Your Life

I am a professional worrier.  I mean, if someone paid me for it, I could make beaucoup bucks, sister.

It comes naturally to me; a keen sense of the world on my shoulders, responsible for every darn thing.  But the fact is, I’m not responsible for everything.  Owning it all, worrying about it all ain’t gonna change the fact that it’s not mine.

170715 Patton Kids 19This morning I woke up tense and gloomy and emotionally exhausted.  “It’s Tuesday, Kelly.  Best day of the week!  What’s up with you?” I thought.  A flood of worry and the sense of walking on eggshells came to mind.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Girl.  You gotsta deal with this,” continued my inner dialogue.

170715 Patton Kids 15The fact that love is the most powerful thing in the world will never change.  And it’s always a great place to start.  So: I started changing my mental message.

“I love you.”

Just start there.

“I love you.”

Saying it to yourself, over and over.

What starts coming to the surface as you say it?  (Because a whole bunch will.)  As you become aware of different emotions and messages, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have enough,” “I’m hurt,” “I don’t feel valued,” “I’m tired,” etc., address each one with truth.

That’s the key.

Here’s an example.

“I love you.”

Up comes floating, “I feel like crap.  My life is crap. I feel like a failure.”

Truth: You feel inadequate based on a false standard.  Look at the joy in your life.  Look at all that is present that you love.  You are strong and have a beautiful heart.  Those feelings are not your truth.  You have permission to let them go and embrace love.

Man, that’s helpful!

170715 Patton Kids 28

90% of our lives are perspective, 10% is circumstance. 

Change your message, change your life.

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