Confessions: John Wayne Makes Me Want Steak

Lately I've been on a John Wayne kick. I slow cooked some pinto beans.  Delicious. I mixed in some salsa, added a chunk of avocado.  Purdy tasty. Then I watched "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." And I wanted a steak.  I haven't craved meat since I started a plant-based diet in June, but since … Continue reading Confessions: John Wayne Makes Me Want Steak


Extending Grace

"I'm a pregnant woman, everybody move outta my way." It's very easy for me to slip into this refined and elegant attitude when I'm with child.  Pregnant with my second, Waverley -pictured above, I went out to lunch with my sister.  It was in the time when I was hardcore craving chips and salsa -I'd … Continue reading Extending Grace

Week 7: Transition, Pregnancy Weight Gain

I'm delving into some issues here. Pregnancy weight gain. Transition. Morning Sickness food confessions. 'Cause life's real, girls.  Ain't nobody got time for fake fluff talk. Here's a link to an article with a little history and current info on pregnancy weight gain.  Though I am not a physician, I am personally challenging the current … Continue reading Week 7: Transition, Pregnancy Weight Gain

Confessions: First Trimester -where’s the cheese?

Oh my Darling Dears... When you know something in your brain, but your body is telling you something completely opposite.  That's where I'm at right now. Queasiness has hit.  Thankfully I'm not up-chucking, but for the majority of the day (and night) I just don't feel peachy keen.  It's that feeling I used to satiate … Continue reading Confessions: First Trimester -where’s the cheese?