Removing Fear From Birthing

Ever since I was old enough to understand where babies came from, I knew that birthing was the epitome of pain.  At least that's what I was taught.  God's curse upon Eve for taking a bite from the apple was to have painful childbirth.  Hey, that's what the Bible said.  I believed it. Pair that with … Continue reading Removing Fear From Birthing


10 Weeks+A Heartbeat // OB/GYN vs Midwives

My last pregnancy I could hardly wait to schedule my first appointment with my midwives at the Central Texas Birth Center.  Having a natural, un-hospitalized birth was totally new and I was intrigued -no, I was giddy- to begin this adventure. About four weeks ago I serendipitously bumped into my midwife, Salli, at the grocery store. … Continue reading 10 Weeks+A Heartbeat // OB/GYN vs Midwives