How To Stop Stress Eating

I work from home.  Thankfully, not in my kitchen anymore.  But the kitchen is only a few strides away...  And I've noticed something about my eating habits.  Something I hate.  Something that happens particularly when I'm working. The need to feed.  Emotionally. I started tracking my urges to figure out what this compulsion to stuff … Continue reading How To Stop Stress Eating

Week 7: Transition, Pregnancy Weight Gain

I'm delving into some issues here. Pregnancy weight gain. Transition. Morning Sickness food confessions. 'Cause life's real, girls.  Ain't nobody got time for fake fluff talk. Here's a link to an article with a little history and current info on pregnancy weight gain.  Though I am not a physician, I am personally challenging the current … Continue reading Week 7: Transition, Pregnancy Weight Gain